Coordinate system used by wgms3d.

What is wgms3d?

wgms3d is a freely available software tool that calculates the modes of dielectric electromagnetic waveguides.

For example, you can analyze:

This software can currently not handle photonic-crystal waveguides, metallic insets, or curved metallic boundaries.


The software is written in C++ and uses the ARPACK and SuperLU libraries to solve the discretized eigenproblem. It should compile under any Unix-like operating system. Scripts for post-processing and visualization of the results in GNU Octave and Matlab are provided.

wgms3d is free software under the GNU GPL.


More detailed information on what has changed between releases may be found in the text files NEWS and ChangeLog inside the distribution. If you want to be notified about future updates, consider subscribing to the project on freecode.


The software implements a finite-difference method that is based on ideas proposed in

wgms3d is based on a generalization of the concepts of Chiang et al. to curved waveguides and employs a simplified formulation. The details are described in

Please cite the latter paper in your own articles if you found this software useful for your research.


wgms3d (and predecessors) have been used since 2004 in several research projects of the OKT group at TUHH and by collaborators. Some articles making use of the results of this mode solver are

The development of this software was supported by Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg under grant "Hybride Mikrophotonik" and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) within Forschergruppe FOR 653.

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